January 25, 2006


Huffpo's Nora Ephron made a list of facts which never cease to surprise us. HUFFPO In the comments section following it, readers posted their own. I've included a few of my favs from different readers, starting with Nora's.

3. Almost all books that are published as memoirs are initially written as novels, and then the agent/editor says, this might work better as a memoir.

4. Beautiful young women sometimes marry ugly, old rich men.

6. Freedom of the press belongs to the man who owns one.

34. Sex without Love is totally fun.

35. Pornography is a reflection of who we are. Human. Animals. Genetically programmed by evolution.

36. Golf is actually much more than a game.

37. Everybody wants to be rich.

26 The Iraq war is over we lost.

26: Tony Danza is still working in show business.

27: Barbara Bush is not the Quaker Oats guy.

34: Michael Jackson was once the most admired entertainer in show business.

38: Prince Charles preferred Camilla to Diana.

40: They still have not found WMD's in Iraq

45: Richard Nixon had the highest I.Q. of any recent Republican President

46: George W. Bush actually does have the lowest I.Q. of any recent President

47: Ronald Reagan was offered the Humphrey Bogart role in "Casablanca."