July 26, 2005


Anonymous said...
its not bullshit wouldn't you want to be searched for if you went missing.. anything could have happened to this girl and the people in iraq are already dead.. wut they did is very honorable but there is nothing the us can do to help them now..

So many comment posts on my ARUBA BULLSHIT blog from June. Mybe I should make myself clear. I am sorry for the girl and her family and urge that the search continue. I am not an unfeeling monster. I'm a feeling monster, but I'm feeling like some of y'all aren't getting my point.

To Anonymous above: Yes, of course I would want to be searched for if I was missing, especially if I was dead (?). But did Anonymous really say that "the people in Iraq are already dead"? So we should care more about one possibly dead girl than 100,000 dead Iraqi CIVILIANS and soldiers on both sides??? And turn a blind eye to a grisly, unfair war which will kill many more of theirs and ours? Shouldn't that situation take priority in the media? Are you seeing nightly stories in which the dead American soldiers' families are interviewed? Nope, because the government doesn't want us to focus on the horrors of war. If we woke up to it as a nation, we would stop supporting it. Anonymous, why don't you care about the huge death toll in Iraq? Because our soldiers aren't being killed while on vacation? I can sympathize with this girl's family but still realize that she, like the national obsession that was the Laci Peterson case, is a smokescreen to keep your mind off the government's many dirty dealings. Natalee and Laci are like boogieman stories told to children to scare them from poking around in the dark.

I think quite a few of the comment posts on the Aruba blog don't know anything about me, but were just googling Aruba and my site came up. I actually think it's sweet that you are concerned about Natalee. I just wish that you cared as much about the hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths in Iraq that could have been be prevented and which continue to happen.

Read my next blog entry if you don't believe that our news is slanted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must admit that I have not taken the time to read all of the comments regarding the Aruba post. However, I just wanted to take the time to agree with you that at this point it is beyond ridiculous that we are still focusing media attention on the story. Every night Nancy Grace has "Missing in Aruba Day 52" for nearly all of her show. There are so many other newsworthy stories, including Iraq, the bombings in Egypt and London, and our favorite dumbass--Dubya. She is missing, and it is tragic, but as you asked before, why should anyone other than her family REALLY care.

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry what happened in Aruba - everyone is. Losing your child is the greatest nightmare on earth. And it's a nightmare happening to people all over this country.

What terrifies me is that the media doesn't share the true cost of this f*cking war. The vast loss of human life (adults, children) - and the refusal to recognize it - essentially stripping people of their humanity.
This war is about oil - that is the greatest sin of all.

9:52 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

I AGREE WITH BOTH OF YOU! And Nancy Grace is frightful! Did you see her phony tears on Larry King the other night? Yucch!

10:30 PM  
Blogger Steveo said...

Maybe we can send some blonde girls to darfur or iraq as a part of an "exchange" program. Maybe raise money for free trips...

Its really sad whats happening to this family but we need to realize that there are so many other families suffering too. Pay attention people!

p.s. Bunny, your hair is off the hook in the Pamela lee pic :)

4:37 AM  
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