July 15, 2015


Here's what you'll hear in the media about the "historic" deal with Iran.

Democrats say it's a huge part of Obama's legacy and proof that his shift towards diplomacy rather than war is working. To which I say: tell that to the drone victims in Obama's drone secret war no one discusses. But to his credit, Obama won a Nobel Peace prize for his willingness to negotiate with Iran and it seems to have worked if we can get it through Congress. Obama is a war president who just sent troops back to Iraq and never left Afghanistan as he promised. But he didn't win the prize for his work in those countries. He won it for Iran negotiations. So bravo for the president. Obama's work paid off.

Republicans are howling that the deal is a sign of weak foreign policy which they'd remedy if they win the White House. And any victory for Obama makes their party look weaker. All Republicans want war. That's why we flew into Bush's senseless war in Iraq on "faulty intelligence" aka lies. So the GOP is disappointed that there won't be a war in Iran. If there were, think of all the weapons manufacturers and military contractors who'd get paid. Dick Cheney's Halliburton made $39 billion from the Iraq war.

Here's what I have to say on it.

What gives the USA the moral authority to monitor or take away any country's nukes? We are the only country that's ever bombed another country with nuclear weapons so the notion of us as peacekeeper is a joke. It could be argued that our tough sanctions on Iran forced them into making a deal which in essence is "Allow Iran to finally prosper economically without sanctions and Iran will give up the right to defend ourselves." I'm not sure the average American understands how cruel sanctions are. US sanctions on Iraq which kept medicines and food out of that country lead to 576,000 Iraqi children dying--that was one of the 3 reasons Osama Bin Laden gave for masterminding 9/11.

Rachel Maddow crowed last night (twice) that in all 42 years of her life, she assumed that a war with Iran was coming. Now it looks like it isn't and she's relieved. But why did she assume it was coming? Because the US is a bully who'll go to war with anyone who opposes it. We don't spend more on defense than most countries combined to have our soldiers and weapons sit at home. So the threat of war was coming from hawks in the US government. Like all Republicans and Hillary. Obama found another path--in Iran, anyway.

So we've de-nuked a country that is/was driven by extreme religious views in the Middle East. There's another country in the Middle East which owns nukes and is very belligerent to it's neighbors: Israel. Why aren't de-nuking them as well--instead of buying their weapons for them? There's an unholy alliance between the USA and Israel which people are finally waking up to. When you hear "hard-liners" on the news, know that it refers to people in our government who see it as their role to strengthen Israel's defense by financially supporting it. Hard-liners are mainly Republicans (and Hillary), though even Bernie Sanders has always voted to arm Israel in his decades in the Senate. If it had completed nuclear weapons, Iran could never launch them anywhere near the US--but they could attack Israel. If that's truly our concern, maybe we should coax Israel into being less hateful instead of arming them annually.

Maybe one reason that Iran felt it needed nukes is that Israel is out of line--and that it needed to protect itself from it's belligerent neighbor. Netanyahu's coalition partner said this about the deal which prevents Iran from developing even 1 nuclear weapon: "“Today a terrorist nuclear superpower is born, and it will go down as one of the darkest days in world history." How the hell is a nuclear superpower "born" when we've killed it's ability to make 1 nuclear weapon? But Iran and Israel despise each other and a former head of Iran even denied the Holocaust. So we de-nuked one crazy. An even bigger step towards peace would be to de-nuke the crazies in Israel rather than force US tax-payers to keep paying for their weapons.

People in the streets of Tehran rejoiced last night--even briefly waving an American flag as they chanted "Obama." And the majority of Americans wanted this deal because we're sick of war. So isn't this diplomatic victory with no boots on the ground refreshing? Not to Republicans, Hillary or Israel--who always prefer war. Iran has actually been helping fight ISIS in the Middle East. If we could cooperate with instead of occupy, bomb and sanction countries in that hotbed region, maybe there could be peace there one day. And I really need to ride one of those camels to the Pyramids in Egypt before I get too fat for them to support my ass. But if I am caught by jihadists en route, I just pray that I can give them head before they behead me. If you're happy about this deal, make sure you contact your reps in Congress and tell them to support this deal. Otherwise, Obama's commendable, historic efforts will have been in vain.


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This is the final showdown to stop Republicans from starting a war with Iran.

The United States, Iran and five other world powers announced a historic deal to dramatically curb Iran's nuclear program in exchange for easing international sanctions on Iran.
Republicans are trying to sabotage the deal, put us back on the path to confrontation with Iran and start a war – but they can't do it unless Democrats help them.
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