July 13, 2015


"It (Capitalism) turns everything, including human beings and the natural world, into commodities to be exploited until exhaustion or collapse. In the extraction process, labor unions are broken, regulatory agencies are gutted, laws are written by corporate lobbyists to legalize fraud and empower global monopolies, and public utilities are privatized. Secret trade agreements—which even elected officials who view the documents are not allowed to speak about—empower corporate oligarchs to amass even greater power and accrue even greater profits at the expense of workers."

Does this chilling explanation of Greece's situation sound familiar? It should. Obama is trying to ram just such secret trade deal through Congress right now. And it's terms were written by corporate lobbyists and are secret. All US unions have slammed the deal and only Republicans and the saddest of Democrats support Obama's fast track. We only know what we do know about the trade deal because of wikileaks. If we did know what was in the TPP, we'd be howling with outrage since it kills US jobs, which is what we need most. But our news prefers to focus on the all-important Cosby and Caitlyn. From Fox to MSNBC, our news prefers to focus on anything other than how both parties continue to screw American workers. They call the TPP "NAFTA on steroids." Bill Clinton, a Democrat, was responsible for that trade deal which killed 1 million manufacturing jobs. Ya know, the kind that paid well enough for a head of household to work while the other stayed home and raise kids. Even send them to higher education. That America is gone. Obama is trying to make it worse.

The suffering of the Greeks is just like the suffering of ordinary Americans—the only thing that benefits is the profit margins of financial institutions. When will human life be of concern to corporate capitalists?