July 14, 2015


I don't think people are talking about this much--other than mags featuring ads for Truvada or PreP who might therefore soft-pedal it's risks. If there is a new way to stay HIV- w/o condoms, then bring it on, throw your legs up and take multiple loads. I'll join you! But if that new way involves trusting an HIV+ top who you just met online or is drunk in a bar and he SAYS he's on PreP but may have missed a few doses which raises his viral load up to a point where he could infect you, then you're putting your life in the hands of a complete stranger. I know that getting HIV is no longer a death sentence. I also know that drugs can mutate and that I'm constantly hearing that young people don't use condoms. As Greg Scarnici‚Äč says here, many people ask tricks who want to use condoms not to bother. I often get guys telling me that a condom reduces their sensitivity. To which I say, "Laying in a coffin reduces mine."