July 19, 2015


New Yorkers and residents of NJ--it isn't just Republicans trying to sabotage the Iran nukes deal. It's hawkish Democrats like Chuck Schumer (NY) and Bob Menendez (NJ) who may vote against Obama's "historic" deal. If they are your senators and you don't see the need for Iran, please contact them and urge them to vote for it. Time to put the pressure on! It's Democrats who fail to distinguish themselves on a variety of issues like starting wars who are killing the party. Hillary is one such hawkish Democrat. The American people have clearly said that they are sick of wars and would prefer to use those billions to fix THIS country. Not to mention that it's an absurd policy even for Obama or anyone else to say "Accept this deal or there will be war." Is that really even diplomacy? The US is a bully and while Iran's leadership ain't exactly sweethearts, compare the number of people we've killed to the number they've killed in the past decade and Iran will seem benevolent. At one point they were actually helping us to defeat ISIS. Are there extremists in Iran's government? Sure. Does that mean we have to attack them unless the do what we want? No.