July 15, 2015


 Some buffoon/journalist interviewing Obama about the Iran deal stooped to asking him if Bill Cosby's Kennedy Center Award could be revoked due to the rape accusations against him. And MSNBC stooped to show and analyze his answer. This is total tabloidization of the news! For what it's worth, Obama said that he didn't think there was a method by which honors were revoked. He went on to say that if you gave drugs to someone and had sex with them, that was rape and you should be tried in any civilized society. (Although I've been known to have sex with people because they had drugs.)

People--the man is trying to sell a major foreign policy deal. Why would anyone with access to the leader of the free world waste his time on withdrawing presidential honors which he never even bestowed? Whatever you FEEL about Bill Cosby, at this point there are only allegations. Even if he raped every one of his accusers, he earned that award by entertaining us royally for decades. Surely, even Cosby's harshest critics should be more concerned with justice for the alleged victims that subtracting a trophy from Bill's mantle. Glad I could waste your time by complaining about the news wasting ours. I just wish our news was still news. Paging Walter Cronkite!