April 24, 2015


Here's an in-depth interview with folks from Baltimore about the shocking death of Freddie Gray, who appears to have had his spine fatally severed by police who apprehended him for the crime of running while black. While some may wonder why he ran if he wasn't guilty of something--check out this video and some of the area police's record and you may understand it a little better. Baltimore police have paid over $6 million in damages to their victims since 2011. Which taxpayers foot the bill for. This isn't just in Baltimore--it's in Ferguson, Staten Island, Charleston and wherever Michael Brown and Tamir Rice, the boy police shot for having a toy gun. It's getting hard to keep track of black men killed by police nationwide. And just a wee reminder, police are supposed to protect us. Not kill us.
EDDIE CONWAY: The incident actually occurred under one of the police cameras that has been operating for years in that community, and they have been using that camera to make numerous drug arrests over the years. And for some reason, that day, that camera did not work. It would have been directly over Freddie Gray’s head. It would have recorded everything that took place.