April 23, 2015


At odds with his own party, at odds with unions but joined with Republicans with this trade deal. Just because you care more about challenges on Drag Race than laws governing 40% of the world's trade doesn't mean they don't exist and that they won't have a devastating effect on the economy for years to come. Losing jobs, lower wages if you can get a job, monopolies for pharmaceutical companies, internet neutrality and the environ and even US sovereignty taking a hit. 
Especially if either Hillary or a Republican wins the presidential election. Hillary called the TPP "the gold standard" of trade agreements. (Though of course she isn't saying much about the deal now because she's on a listening tour to try and seem more humble.) The people you elect are out to screw you in favor of huge corporations and you just sit back and take it. I'm beginning to think that the unengaged people of this country deceive the tragic "leaders" that they get. If you don't own one of the multi-national corporations which wrote this deal in secret with Obama and this trade deal doesn't upset you deeply, voters like you are a huge part of the problem. 
Obama and Hillary have the nerve to talk about how the evil Citizens United puts dark money into politics with anonymous donors. Yet this trade deal is the exact result of sinister, corporate forces out to screw American workers. In pushing this agreement, Obama is proving that he's eager to pay back his own campaign donors and leave this mess as his legacy. The TPP is the goal of the 1% Hillary claims she will "topple." How can you believe someone who is saying that they'll "topple" themselves? Politicians like these have killed the Democrats as a party of working Americans. Time for a third party when you see a Democratic president joining against 85% House Democrats but getting support from almost all Republicans.

Democrats Balk At Obama Plan To Cut Funding For Workers Hurt By Trade Deals