November 20, 2014


Interesting segment on the lunacy of Democrats. It was Democrat Mary Landrieu who brought up the bill to approve the Keystone pipeline. The bill was sponsored by her GOP Senate opponent, to whom she is losing anyway. And even if it passed, Obama would probably veto it. So the dems frittered away their last time as a majority in Senate to pursue nonsense to preserve one fool's Senate seat--which the dems had already yanked all campaign dollars from because Mary was losing in double digits. (She is pursuing a GOP agenda to the right of Obama anyway.) I was under the impression that the oil from the pipeline would create jobs in Louisiana area refineries, but maybe this money doesn't go to Louisiana. Mary is typical of the conservative, corporate democrat who has brought the party so far to the middle that they are practically  indistinguishable from republicans. If I'm not mistaken, she also either held up or threatened to hold up Obamacare if it helped with abortions. Because democrats in southern or conservative states aren't progressive at all.

Dems could have used their last moments with a majority to confirm the first black female appointment to the Dpt of Justice, since there were no real objections. So Rachel asks a very good question, highlighting how ineffective dems are. An even better question is why did Obama and dems waste the first two years of his presidency--when there was a democratic majority in both houses--to constantly reach across the aisle to the GOP party who had sworn to crush him? An ineffective, middle-of-the-road party needs to go. Even if you agree with their policies, this stunt by Mary Landrieu makes it clear that they don't even know what their doing--even when they have precious little time left.