November 15, 2014


FRIENDS OF THE EARTH: This Tuesday, the Senate will vote to try to undo all our efforts over the past six years to stop the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. We need your help NOW to stop the Senate from trying to undermine President Obama’s authority and forcing this horrible project through.

Senator Mary Landrieu -- who is in bed with the oil industry and fighting for her seat in a runoff election early next month -- introduced irresponsible legislation to approve the pipeline, which would carry dirty, dangerous tar sands oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

Senate Democrats, in a desperate, blatantly political move to save Senator Landrieu’s seat, are trying to sell out the environment and the interests of the American people for a giveaway to Big Oil. Now, we need you to show your Senator that if they vote for KXL, there will be consequences.

Tell your Senators: Vote NO on Keystone XL!

Two weeks ago, the Koch brothers bought themselves an election, and now Senate Democrats are trying to gift them a pipeline. Not because it’s good policy. Not because it will benefit Americans. But because it’s their last-ditch effort to support a Senator who has been terrible on the environment from Day One.

We’ve already sent a strong message to President Obama that we will not stand for transporting the most environmentally destructive oil on the planet across America’s heartland -- all so it can be exported. We’ve sent letters, made phone calls, taken to the streets, and gotten arrested -- and so far, we’ve succeeded in preventing the construction of KXL for six years.

Now, we can’t let our Senators go around President Obama and hold the planet hostage to their political whims. We have to turn up the heat on them to vote against the pipeline.

Take action now: Tell your Senators to vote NO on KXL.

The science is clear -- we must act today to reduce our carbon emissions, and we simply cannot afford to increase our reliance on even dirtier sources of fuel like tar sands. Approving KXL would light the fuse to an enormous carbon bomb that threatens our climate and our communities.

In this pivotal moment, we need you to tell your Senators you won’t stand for political theatrics over a project with no redeeming value.