November 13, 2014


Isn't it great that we have to beg congressional leaders not to appoint "Wall Street's Favorite Democrat", a former investment banker, to an important committee position? Isn't it great that we have to beg Democrats to be actual Democrats and at least pretend that both parties don't live to lick Wall Street's @ss? They are all skunks, but at least send a message that we're paying attention. It's very easy to ignore the people you supposedly represent when someone is dangling huge campaign contributions in your face.

Will House Dems marry Goldman Sachs?

This week, possibly in the next 48 hours, Nancy Pelosi has a big decision to make: Who will lead the House Democrats' campaign committee?

While there are a couple progressives she's considering, one other name is Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes.

In an article titled "Wall Street's Favorite Democrat," Businessweek reports:

Wall Street doesn't have many friends in Washington these days -- especially among Democrats on Capitol Hill. There is one House Democrat who's shown some sympathy for Wall Street: Jim Himes. A former Goldman Sachs (GS) investment banker ... he isn't shy about defending the industry or decrying Wall Street bashing.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was the most popular campaigner for Democrats this year because voters love her big economic populist ideas -- including Wall Street reform and accountability.

To win, more Democrats need to run on her message.

Can you call Nancy Pelosi right now and tell her Jim Himes' appointment would hurt Democratic chances in 2016?

Nancy Pelosi's Office: (202) 225-4965


Thanks for being a bold progressive.

-- Adam Green and Stephanie Taylor, PCCC co-founders.