November 18, 2014


Stop ignoring the damage Obama is trying to do to this country. I don't care if he raises the minimum wage or protects GLBT from discrimination in the work place, because these are merely cosmetic changes if there are no f#cking jobs to get paid more for or to be discriminated against. Because they work for. Because they work for 25 cents an hour in Vietnam, one of the countries this secret trade agreement seeks to send our jobs to. Are you still dreaming that Obama is a good guy who can't get anything done because of an obstructionist GOP Congress? Dream on! They get done what they want to get done--appropriating funds for expensive new weapons for wars the US people don't want to fight and billions every year to fund Israel's aggression.

The TPP is a trade deal created by international businesses and legislators can't even take notes on it or discuss it. And Obama is trying to fast-track it so that there is a vote with no discussion. Funny how the do-nothing Congress can fast-track things that have to do with defense and killing our jobs as NAFTA did. (The TPP has been described as NAFTA on steroids--so prepare for many more jobs to be killed.) Which a democrat Bill Clinton signed. Neither party represents American workers. Both represent war. Obama can't make up his mind about the Keystone pipeline despite his "commitment" to halting climate change, but he is dead set on killing US jobs in secret with no debate. This is who this man is and how little he cares about the average worker. And some of you are ranting about what a great president he is? Then explain the TPP. He won't even explain it. No one will discuss it publicly because there are no benefits for the American worker. And it isn't on the news.....

CAMPAIGN FOR AMERICAN'S FUTURE: They're at it again. Unelected bureaucrats are meeting behind closed doors making decisions that could cost tens of thousands of good jobs.

It’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We don’t know what’s in it, but we know who wrote it: corporate lobbyists and representatives of countries that include repressive regimes with no concern for labor or environmental standards.

We should have learned our lesson by now. Bad trade agreements create a race to the bottom which benefits only the multinationals. It lets them export jobs, undermine environmental standards and restrict internet freedom​.

Now they want ​"​fast-track​" ​ rules on a secretly negotiated treaty. Fast track means Congress skips the amendment process and skips to vote all before they even know what is in the treaty.

The corporate lobbyists don’t want the public to have the chance to see what’s in this deal -- and they don’t want Congress to change what they are trying to foist on America.

As Sen. Elizabeth Warren said, "they have to be secret because if the American people knew what was going on, they would be opposed."

Click here to tell Congress to vote no on "fast-track" authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

American jobs and strong environmental protections are too important to rush through another bad trade agreement.