October 28, 2014


Wow! As NYC becomes whiter and more boring, who better than a white and boring tourism ambassador like Taylor Swift to usher in more boring, mainstream types? I had a giggle the other night after my show at Mad Museum when an older gal approached me and asked for a photo. She gave her phone to my friends Billy Erb and Pia Guccione to take the pic and remarked how she lived in Amityville and hadn't been to Manhattan in 20 years. "It's so safe now!", she joyfully exclaimed. So we stole her camera and ran just to prove her wrong and spoil her trip. (I'm kidding--we just said "Run!" once she handed us the camera and pretended to ruin her trip for a second.) Look, I don't know much about Taylor Swift and I know NYC relies on tourism, but is there anyone less NYC than her? Is Cit-tay a reference from one of her songs. I find this disturbing. Then again, I find the mirror disturbing.