October 26, 2014


ACLU: "The true monster of your worst nightmares may not be a vampire, or a zombie, or a werewolf… it may be the shiny metal object on which you’re reading this email.

New technologies are making it easier for private companies and the government to learn about everything we do – in our homes, in our cars, in stores, and within our communities. As they collect vast amounts of data about us, things are getting truly spooky!

Our privacy is being eroded and our freedoms threatened – but we are up for the fight. Are you?

Get an exclusive first look at our new video, “Invasion of the Data Snatchers,” and sign our pledge if you think our privacy laws need to catch up to advances in technology.

Our new video might make you laugh, but a future without any privacy is just scary. And privacy is not the only thing at stake when everything we say, everywhere we go, and everyone we associate with is fair game.

We have seen that surveillance – whether by government or corporations – shuts down free speech and free association, undermines a free media, and threatens the free exercise of religion.

We shouldn’t be forced to choose between new technologies and our liberty. With the proper safeguards, we can regain control over our personal information.

Check out the premiere of our new video and join us in working towards a world where our private data is ours alone.

The data snatchers are no longer science fiction. They’re closer than you think. But if we work together, we can ward them off.

Thank you for taking action,
Anthony Romero for the ACLU Action team

P.S. As you gear up for Halloween, watch “Invasion of the Data Snatchers,” share the video with your friends and family, and start a conversation about the scary realities of privacy and technology."