October 23, 2014


Other than you, who is the spookiest queen?
I think there is one drag queen who’s even spookier than me and more representative of Halloween, and that drag queen’s name is Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. My personal idol. I only wish to be a drag queen like Elvira. She’s terrifying, she’s spooky, she’s got big tits, and she plays the worst horror movies you’ve ever seen.
Who’s the spookiest queen out of makeup?
It has to be—and she’ll agree with me—Lady Bunny. 100%. The first time I ever saw Lady Bunny out of makeup was on the set of RuPaul’s Drag U. Even though I’m a drag queen myself, and a successful entertainer who knows that there’s a man underneath every drag queen, the first time I met Bunny out of drag I was shocked. I forgot that she wasn’t real. To see her out of that was jarring and mind-blowing. There’s even a rumor that one time she was on the set of Drag U out of drag and a production assistant called the police because they thought there was a homeless person on set.

(Sharon appears this Friday and Saturday in NYC.)