August 08, 2014


I signed this petition and hope you'll consider doing the same. Though it is a very popular and important program, Social Security is constantly under attack. We have $3 billion a year to give to Israel for weapons but politicians in both parties try to loot Social Security, even though it's solvent and paid for 30 years to come. Social Security offices have been recently closed nationwide due to budget cuts, which prevents people who need it from going to an actual office and sitting with an actual staffer to get info. Instead, people are being directed to websites. Many seniors who rely on social security barely know how to use the internet! Even our "democratic" president Obama has proposed the idea of a sneaky type of chained CPI cut to social security. Please send a message that it's working just fine and needs to be protected. And if anything, expanded!

"Social Security is turning 79, and on August 14 we’re celebrating with birthday parties around the country!

Send a message to our elected officials and remind them that Social Security is the most popular program in our country’s history. Sign the birthday card today!"