August 08, 2014


Will you contact your representatives in Congress about this? Do you even know who they are? I'll be you know who won Drag Race and which hosts left The View. Maybe America gets the crap government it's brain dead people deserve. If you don't use your voice to communicate that you want government to represent you instead of greedy corporations eager to shaft you, then don't use it to complain when you're in the poor house. Things are getting worse. And by doing nothing, you've helped the decline by not getting involved. People seem to forget that the government in a democracy is supposed to represent the people.

Also, here's a possible presidential candidate who is advocating fairer government which caters to working America rather than corporations which shaft us. I wonder if Hillary Clinton is speaking out against corporate cash in government as she gobbles up donations to continue this sham. At least Obama paid lip service to the evils of Citizens United. I doubt if Hillary even has a position on it. How can she denounce someone she's asking for $ from?