August 07, 2014


I hope you'll consider attending this march on 8/20, which demands more affordable housing in NYC. Despite many undesirable changes, the one thing I still love about this city are the fascinating and diverse people who call the Big Apple home. I hope that they (and I) can afford to stick around. But many already aren't able to.

"Over the past 10 years, rents have increased at twice the rate of household incomes citywide. At the same time, the number of rent-regulated apartments has been steadily declining throughout the city.

With nearly half of all New York City residents living near the poverty line, we’re at a breaking point, and more luxury condos with no real affordable units are not the answer.

That’s why we are joining the  Real Affordability for All coalition on August 20th to demand real affordable housing now! Click here to join us.

Longtime residents are being pushed out of the City. Without a serious intervention, more and more New Yorkers will continue to be priced out of their neighborhoods as massive displacement sweeps through the City.

Together, we need to fight to preserve real affordability in private developments and in public housing, and we need to push hard to ensure that all new housing remains permanently affordable to people living in the neighborhoods where it will be built.

On 8/20 we need to send a clear message: New York City is not solely for the wealthy! Join our march if you agree. Let's fight to save our neighborhoods and our communities.

And do not forget to share & invite your friends."

In solidarity, Renata Pumarol New York Communities for Change