August 03, 2014


You guys are missing the point. Who cares if the Republicans would offer a national holiday if a white president has done what a mixed race one has? Did you need any further combination that Republicans are often racist? This is confusing the issue and playing on race.

Here's the deal. Obama has created some jobs. Many of them are low-paying and part time jobs. The unemployment rate also dropped because many people have stopped looking for work. Don't you know what's going on in this country? People are working harder for less $. People are unable to retire and work until they drop. Both parents in a household work full time and still need food stamps because wages are so crap--while CEOs are getting record bonuses. Obama has continued the trend toward income inequality--siding with the mega-rich and the corporations who bought him. The American dream is dead and Obama, like Bush and Clinton, helped kill it. And you guys are still supporting him. You like to draw distinctions, as this image does, between Republicans and Democrats. Yet Obama has dragged the Democrats so far to the right that he practically is a Republican/

Occasionally, he may throw us off with an executive order which forbids discrimination against GLBT folks in the work force. That's in the news a lot. What isn't in the news is that Obama is desperate to ram through a trade deal called the Trans Pacific Partnership, which has been described as NAFTA on steroids, which will kill US jobs for generations. It will encourage, as NAFTA did (also signed by a democrat), our jobs to go overseas. We can't compete with the 25 cents an hour they are grateful to get in Vietnam. The TPP is Obama's baby and was written by corporations to benefit corporations. It's secret, so members of Congress can't even take notes from it or openly discuss it. Obama is trying to fast-track it through Congress. But wait, I thought this was a do-nothing Congress which blocked all of Obama's great ideas. Hogwash! More Republicans support the TPP than democrats, because it will shaft workers for generations to come as NAFTA did. So the executive order banning discrimination is a smokescreen for this very dark, secretive trade deal. Don't trust me, google the TPP. Try goggling it along with a non-US paper like the Guardian. You people need to understand that Obama is a crook. Otherwise, you're going to just lay the groundwork for him to hand the presidency to another crook, Hillary Clinton. This isn't about Democrats vs GOP--it's about our corrupt government always making policies to benefit corporations and the wealthy over people. Our own government is against working Americans. We should be thinking about how to get the bums out instead of these bums are better than the other bums.