August 03, 2014


About a two months ago, I remember seeing an MSNBC anchor asking a few pundits if democrats would run in 2016 on the success of Obamacare. This was right after they kept rolling out those figures about how many people signed up for it before open enrollment ended: 6--no --7--now it's 8 million! Let me tell you two things. If it were truly regarded as a success, would anyone ask that? Everyone would love the plan, and dems would most definitely run on it. So I sensed a little misleading there. Then I thought "How are they making 8 million seem like such a triumph? THERE ARE 314 MILLION PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY!" So in no way did people flock to sign up for Obamacare. 8 million out of 314 is not a success rate.

Now, many of these 314 million may have already had insurance. I'm sure that many tea baggers/GOP didn't even investigate signing up because they hate Obama, blacks or bigger government even if whites had been proposing it. But the fact is, the vast majority of Americans didn't sign up for Obamacare. So there is another number of interest here. You know that there's a mandate attached to Obamacare which forces you to pay a fine if you haven't signed up for Obamacare and don't have any other insurance. ACA provides for children to stay on their parents' plans until they are 26. But after 26, you are getting fined for not having insurance. Does that sound American to you? Being forced by the government to buy crappy insurance because they didn't have the balls/votes to give the US the same government-run healthcare that almost every other industrialized nation from Canada to Cuba has.

I got insurance after my mom hounded me--she was a nurse--after around age 40. I was healthy and didn't need insurance. So under Obamacare, I would have had to pay a fine which increased every year for 14 years. For choosing not to offer the crappy reforms known as Obamacare. I'll bet the number of people paying these fines far outweighs the paltry 8 million who signed up. What a triumph. Definitely run on that, democrats. Does anyone know the number of those who will be fined?