August 20, 2014


Since people love these challenges so much, I'd like to start a new one that combines the  the cinnamon challenge, the #nohate campaign and the ice bucket challenge.

Here's how you do it. Eat a teaspoon of cinnamon. Immediately tape your mouth up and write No Hate on your cheek. Make sure someone is videoing you. Turn yourself upside down and while you are choking on the cinnamon, have someone dump a bucket of ice water into your nostrils until you drown.

You're probably asking, Bunny, what cause would this possibly help? Well, I work for The Darwin Foundation and this challenge help move the process of natural selection along. It would achieve this by weeding out some of the fad-obsessed attention nuts who like to pretend that they are briefly concerned about some disease or missing Nigerian girls they were obsessed with a month ago but haven't thought of in weeks, celebrities desperate to seem relevant and hip to internet trends who usually forget to actually post the donation information for Lou Gehrig's disease which has been suddenly rebranded as ALS and Californians too ignorant to know that there's a serious draught that the ice bucket challenge contributes to. This will allow people with more brain cells to live on and make the best use of the earth's precious resources like cinnamon, ice and water.