June 20, 2014


I date a guy who is straight-identified. He's never met me in drag, seen my performance or been in a gay bar. One day he called and came over and showed me the image that came up when he dialed my #. It was my profile pic from facebook--an invite to Escualita. Even though we aren't friends on facebook. Isn't this a little scary? We all know we're giving up a lot of personal data just by being on facebook and I guess when I gave me # to facebook when setting it up, it linked somehow to whoever dialed it. Bizarre! I signed this, urging Facebook to calm down on the spying. Perhaps you will consider it.

"Zuckerberg, Stop being an Internet Creep!
Last week, Facebook announced it will be using every user's web browsing and app history to show ads to them. Everywhere we go and everything we do on the Internet will be watched by Facebook.

This isn't the first time Facebook has gotten creepy with our privacy. In 2011, the FTC ruled against Facebook for lying to its user's about what data it was sharing.

Facebook has taken online tracking way too far on its users. With the NSA and other government agencies looking at Facebook for your personal data, our privacy is at stake. Tell Facebook to get out of your data. It's personal.

Facebook: Putting us all in danger of surveillance
Because of the Snowden documents, we know that Facebook is working closely with government agencies to give far reaching access into our personal lives. Just this week, the European Court began a case against Facebook and NSA spying connections on European citizens. The evidence only continues to grow: Facebook's quest to take over the world is putting everyone in danger.

With Facebook tracking, selling, and sharing your personal information with companies and governments, it's time that the abuse of Internet users end. That's why we're demanding that Facebook stop tracking our personal data online.

If we can get more and more people to opt out of Facebook, we can put a stop to their reign of surveillance. Please share this page on your Facebook and Twitter to your friends, we need to stop the tracking now!"
Last week, Facebook announced they are tracking our personal data outside of Facebook to serve ads. This is an invasion of privacy - Opt out and tell them to stop : http://cms.fightforthefuture.org/facebookopt-out/