June 15, 2014


Like many gay men, drag queens and transsexuals whose Father's Day posts I've been reading, my relationship with my dad can be strained. (SEE! We actually have shared experiences that bind us in between fights over banning words!) Let's just say that I get along with better and identify more with my mom. While I'm not sure my dad understands me or approves of me or even cares to, I did enjoy this cute moment. I was in a play in Atlanta for a month about 5 years ago. My parents still live in Chattanooga and came up to see me in it. He'd never seen me perform before and this play was the perfect opportunity for them to watch me because I wasn't doing my own vulgar act. I was actually playing a daffy, wealthy preacher's wife who was given to flights of fancy--like believing that she'd become pregnant at her advanced age. During the intermission, my dad overheard someone ask a friend if the preacher's wife was a drag queen. My dad piped up and said "Yes, she is and he's my son." She told him "Well, he's got nice legs" and daddy pulled up both his pants legs and said "It runs in the family." And then we all came.