May 14, 2014


#bringbackourgirls? Because the US is so caring when it comes to foreign policy? We've now sent a drone over to help them. Like the drones which have killed hundreds of children in other parts of the world? Including one 16 year old American citizen? Those kids weren't kidnapped--they were murdered with our tax dollars. And they can't ever be rescued. The hundreds of thousands of Iraqis which we murdered for no reason can never be rescued. Millions of Iraqis were driven from their country and the ones who stay live in a nation destroyed in a senseless display of US murderous, military aggression. 

In addition to your trendy, celebrity-driven causes, why don't you realize what's really going on when the press is leading/misleading you to care about something? You need to realize that the US doesn't usually help people, we kill people. That's why we pay a fortune to have military bases all over the world. Those troops aren't standing by to help kidnapped girls. The news bombarded us with images of Syrian babies having fits from sarin gas in an attempt to tug at our heartstrings so much that we would support military action in Syria. A few months ago, much of the country was convinced that we couldn't stand by and watch such atrocities happen. Does Syria concern you now? Do you even know or care what's going on there now? Was it ever even determined whether the rebels (who we wanted to help) or Assad (who we wanted to oust) used the sarin gas? Just like the Natalee Holloway and Terry Shiavo crises which were top stories for weeks, we stop caring when the news wants to stop covering something. And they don't want to cover the fact that Obama may be slowly withdrawing troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, but he has greatly increased the use of drone strikes since Bush. In Pakistan alone, between 286 and 890 have been killed, including 168-197 children. Since many of the dead were unarmed, Amnesty International has suggested that some of these strikes may be war crimes. But we don't want to talk about those imperiled kids or Obama's war crimes. Neither does the news. And you probably don't know about them or don't give a crap about them if you do. I have to admit, the Nigerian girls' outfits are cute. Hey, the Pakistani drone victims may have had cute outfits too. But it's kind of hard to see them when they're blown to bits.

I think it's wonderful that the US has the power to help kidnapped girls. In no way am I suggesting that we shouldn't help find them. I'm just saying that the US misuses it's military muscle more often than not. And any time this much news coverage is devoted to making this country look like a caring nation--ask native Americans and descendants of slaves how caring the US has been throughout it's history--I can't help but wonder if the US has another motive besides helping girls. Snatching Nigeria's bountiful resources, perhaps? And to see female lawmakers banding together to pretend they care about girls is a joke--many of these same monsters voted for the Iraq war. Including Hellary Clinton. If they vote to start wars which kill hundreds of thousands with zero evidence of WMDs, they don't care about humans of either sex.