May 14, 2014


Mikey likes it! A fun review of Clowns Syndrome by none other than Michael Musto. Due to great crowds and reviews like this--we have now extended the show Tuesdays through the end of June.

"Lady Bunny's Tuesday night extrava-gorgonzola at Escuelita is the funnest show in town--one that will have you applauding with one hand and wiping up your vomit with the other. You get topical jokes ("Oscar Pistorius just found evidence that acquits him. Footprints!") Raunchy song parodies ("This ass is on fire!" "I need a raspberry bidet...") Helpful advice. ("Straight guys, before you get married, check out your girlfriend's mother's pussy because that's what hers is gonna look like in 30 years.") Plus biting sociopolitical commentary, vivacious musical tributes to Shirley Bassey and Frankie Knuckles, and multiple clowny outfits with lots of leg showing. (Much more than Oscar Pistorius has.) You don't get ANY of this over at Lincoln Center."

Another review from promoter extraordinaire Daniel Nardicio:

You know, they say laughter is the best medicine. I've been feeling a bit hectic lately, what with my never-ending yet impending move, Fire Island starting, the passing of my dear friend Jo, and life in general. it sure was nice to laugh tonight at Jon Marc Ingle (aka Lady Bunny) who has a show each tuesday thru June at Esceulita. It's a funny, irrelevant, I mean IRREVERENT show and i say go support a great act you know how I love those old ladies! They don't call me granny chaser for nothing!