May 15, 2014


CAN YOU BELIEVE WE ARE STILL FIGHTING FOR EQUAL PAY FOR WOMEN? This should be a no-brainer. Who would dare to openly object to equal pay for half the species in 2014? Why can't we get this done? Mind-boggling. Please sign if you agree and hold your legislators feet to the fire, NY!

Yesterday, Jill Abramson, the first female executive editor of The New York Times – the most powerful newspaper in the world – was fired after just three years on the job.

Some news reports suggest she discovered her pay and pension benefits were lower than those of the male editor whom she replaced, as well as junior staff. When she tried to do something about this, she was reportedly called "pushy."

No one but Abramson and her Times' bosses know for sure why she was ousted or how much she was paid. But one thing isn't up for debate: It's hard to fight for pay equity on your own.

The Abramson controversy is just the latest reminder of why New York needs pay equity. And why we all have to stand up for equality together.

The end of the legislative session is just weeks away. Don't let New York's political leaders leave Albany without passing the Women's Equality Act. Contact your legislative leaders today and tell them it's not pushy to demand equality.