December 15, 2013


An interesting look at our dumbed down news media. Bill Deblasio recently gave a speech addressing all kinds of topics. I was fascinated to hear him say that even while he didn't agree with Bloomberg, he had to recognize that some of Bloomberg's failures had nothing to do with his policies. Some had more to do with how the federal government had been turning it's back on cities for decades. Bloomberg and other mayors had been operating against this backdrop for decades. Detroit, anyone? Yet the only thing the news ran was how Deblasio was gradually moving into Gracie Mansion, though he and his family would miss Brooklyn because the kids had ties at schools there. That gave the news a chance to show a footage of the undeniably cute son Dante. I like seeing cute kids with great hairstyles as much as anyone, but they don't address issues affecting anyone's lives. When Deblasio (in the longer clip of the speech) was discussing the shrinking federal government as a bad trend which needed to be addressed and corrected, I was riveted. I wasn't too aware of that dynamic but aware that republicans often defer issues to states to keep the federal government from enacting national policies which much of the country wants. Teach us, Bill! LEAD US! All our news thinks we can handle is a sound-bite about where the family will reside. Maybe it makes the new mayor seem more like ordinary folk to move into the mansion which Bloomberg didn't relocate to as his own mansion was nicer. While ignoring a very real problem that Deblasio has addressed. But we don't need tokens of change that make us feel good. If that's all our media is feeding us, we won't even be aware of the real issues facing us.