December 15, 2013


So Lady Boniva has broken her already limp wrist and has surgery on Tuesday. I had an unfortunate fisting incident--who knew that Bianca Del Rio would be so tight? Thanks for both your well wishes and snarky comments. Hopefully I'll soon be on the road to recovery and ready, as Beryl Mendelbaum put it, ready to shove food in my mouth with both hands again in no time. I was very touched that Beyonce put a song on her new album about me, called Pretty Hurt. But even better than that--I got the best holiday (did you notice that sly avoidance of the word Xmas?) gift of all time: my sweet, southern mama done come up from Chattanooga, Tennessee to help me for a week. Lady Becky used to be a nurse, so I asked her if she'd be trying to barge into the operating room to assist. She said that "They wouldn't allow that, so I'll give them the tips in advance." She's a delightful kook! And not every drag has their mom helping the to be a better pre-op. While I'm kidding, it doesn't hurt having a nurse as a mom. My primary care physician prescribed one drug which she recognized as having blood-thinning properties and she caught the drug interaction precaution so I stopped taking it immediately. You can't even take aspirin before surgery. I also had no idea that they sometimes would not operate if you had a bad cold or fever. Kind of good to know, since if I miss this surgery, it could be after the holidays before I could get back in. Now if I could only sick Lady Becky on healthcare reform!