November 27, 2013


Here's a round-up of reviews of Britney's new album. I thought this bit was hilarious! And I thought I was the only one who was noticing her new "english" accent. She started using it with the dreadful Scream And Shout--but she's too dumb to really do an accent. So when she does her "english" version of "werk", it almost sounds as if she has that common speech impediment like children who can't pronounce their r's have. She calls it her most personal album and starts it off with a "prostitution anthem" written by 6 writers--four of who were male! How very personal of her! "McCormick, like other critics, also notes that the "publicity pitch" on the album is that it's Britney's "most personal" to date. However, he notes, "It would presumably be asking too much to detect either irony or satire in the decision to launch this campaign with a highly effective, stripped-down electro club banger called 'Work B---h,' in which young women are commanded (in a peculiar fake English accent) to put some serious effort in if they want to 'sip martinis' in 'a hot bikini.' Credits reveal that this prostitution anthem involved contributions from six writers, four of whom are male." Ouch!" MORE: YAHOO