November 25, 2013


Too bad that the turncoat Obama abandoned unions as soon as he got into office, after claiming he'd put on his comfortable shoes and march with unions if needed. I guess union workers didn't pay him off as much as corporations who outsource American jobs. And for those of you are so simple as to think that Obama put forward jobs bills that were squashed by those awful Republicans, please explain why he is now pushing the Trans Pacific Partnership, which will make outsourcing even easier so that the US will lose more jobs. But of course you can't explain the TPP--Obama is keeping it secret and trying to fast track it with limited discussion in Congress. That's how bad the TPP is for America. If you knew what it was, you'd be against it. So keep it secret. Obama, who campaigned on greater government transparency, is actively seeking to kill jobs and yet people are still defending his indefensible positions. He's a lying crook.