November 25, 2013


What? How could the FDA approve GMO salmon? I wonder if it has anything to do with Obama giving a senior position on the FDA to former Monsanto big wig Michael Taylor? While Michelle Obama advocates healthier eating and her family eats organic food in the White House, they enable this frankenfish to be approved for everyone's else's consumption. Just another example of what a soulless, corrupt "leader" Obama is. Absolutely indefensible. And these GMO fish could mingle with untainted fish and spoil all fish forever. For those of you who think that Obama wants to help anyone except big business even if it means endangering our health, please explain this one.
PETITION: The Food and Drug Administration is considering approving a genetically-engineered salmon. Never before has a genetically-modified animal been approved for human consumption. And yet, the FDA's review has been insufficient, failing to consider broad environmental and public health risks from GMO salmon. The company that is producing these salmon says they won't be able to cross-breed, and yet their own data suggest that 5% of the eggs they produce and transport around the world may not be sterile. If released accidentally, these transgenic fish could severely endanger natural fish populations. As a fish designed to grow twice as fast as natural salmon, these engineered fish may also increase human exposure to growth hormones, anti-microbial drugs, and disease. Salmon is one of the world's healthiest foods, and a fish celebrated by native cultures and modern consumers alike. We simply cannot afford to jeopardize this great resource and put the environment and public health in danger. But that's exactly what will happen FDA rushes through approval of genetically engineered salmon without a much stronger review of the risks. SIGN: