October 01, 2013


An interesting comment from David Rohn on the government shutdown. The shutdown will force us to cut services people desperately need (especially in a recession) but the perceived as broken Congress always has plenty of budget and the ability to ram through an authorization for extremely expensive weapons very efficiently. Just as Obama is seen as spineless in negotiations, but when it comes to spying on Americans or using drones he's frighteningly fast and decisive. I don't know enough about Federal Reserve to explain that part of the below comment is even true--do you? Please help if so. I'm Fed up and would like to know what's truly going on. Our news ain't gonna tell it. "Did you know the F-35 fighter jet the most expensive military contract in history was passed the day before the sequester? Our mealy-mouthed press FORGOT to mention it. Our Rulers actually believe they can bully the world to keep using our debt-based currency with military power. But Mexico, Brazil, India, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Russia, China, among others have stopped using US$ as Reserve/trade currency. This represents a collapse for middle and lower class US citizens living standards which has already begun even as our rulers pretend inflation is 1-2%. Do the rulers care? No- they care about their own power, their bank buddies their military strength."