September 30, 2013


I have to laugh at anyone who sees this government shut-down as a battle between the good guys (Democrats) who want to give us better health care and bad guys (Republicans) who want to shut the government down. Now we get to see which entitlements (Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, veterans benefits, etc) are cut so that the government can continue to function. The democrats will be "forced" to cut them even though they don't want to. Both parties want to cut entitlements. Both parties bend over backwards to satisfy the corporations and war machine that put them in power. Neither party wants to focus on what everyone in every party claims we need yet neither has gotten done: job creation. They'll focus on abortion, Syria, anything but what the people need most. So if our elected representatives can't deliver what the people who elected us need (JOBS!) the government might as well shut down because it wasn't working before the shutdown. Time to ditch the two parties which don't offer solutions to our problems.