October 23, 2013


Do you want to know why we can't get anything done on gun control in the US even after horrors like Sandy Hook? Do you want to know why Obama and Kerry just lied to us about needing to go to war in Syria? Because war and instruments of death are what this country is all about--arms are one of this country's biggest (and few remaining) exports. Just as England was criticized for selling Assad the sarin gas and then hypocritically tried to join US efforts to attack him using it, we have no idea who we're selling what to. Or what conflicts they'll create around the world or unscrupulous hands they'll fall into. What scrupulous hands are trying to buy arms in the first place? Weapons are rarely used for peace. Do you think we'll ever control the guns which are killing our kids in this country as we step up weapons sales worldwide to kill foreign kids? Learn what this "Christian" country is really about. No government shutdown will ever get in the way of arms sales. And the bumbling, inefficient Congress conveniently managed to very efficiently pass one of the biggest defense budgets ever right before they shut the government down. With nuclear weapons budgets up under Obama--as we pretend to police Iran and the rest of the world for nuclear weapons. And the US is the only country to have actually fired nukes in a war! (Talk about good cop/bad cop.) We can't spare the money for Obamacare, Social Security or Medicaid. Because war-makers and war-profiteers run things. Not we the people and not our "representatives" in the government. So if you are "war-weary" like most Americans polled who voted Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama back into office for a second term because he was drawing down wars and focusing on rebuilding America, please read this and sign if you agree. The government doesn't even think you know about it. ROOTSACTION: The Obama administration has just taken action to seriously loosen restrictions on the sale of weapons abroad. Tell the White House and Congress not to go down this path. Already, the United States dominates world weapons sales, accounting for 78% of such sales in 2011. Russia is in second place with 5.6%. Already, U.S. weapons sales are dominated by arms transactions in the Middle East, funneling weapons to such violators of human rights as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel. Many weapons sales involve gifts of dollars from the U.S. government to a foreign government that turns around and buys from U.S. weapons makers. (A different mode is in effect with the U.S. simply giving weapons to the rebels in Syria.) Governments fall, and alliances change, but the weapons remain. U.S.-supplied weapons wind up on both sides of conflicts, often used against civilians. At times, the tear gas canisters shot at peaceful protesters are marked "Made in the U.S.A." Tell the White House and Congress to end foreign weapons sales, not expand them. The Obama administration has now moved many weapons sales from the State Department to the Commerce Department, a shift that is expected to seriously reduce oversight. In a new report, William Hartung writes that "human rights groups and the Government Accountability Office have raised serious concerns over the potential for the Obama administration's reforms to undercut current laws designed to keep U.S. defense articles out of the hands of terrorists, human rights abusers, or countries or groups seeking to develop nuclear weapons." ProPublica reports that "critics, including some who've worked on enforcing arms export laws, say the changes could undermine efforts to prevent arms smuggling to Iran and others." What is the up-side to risking such horrors and fueling so much violence? Nothing but profits for a few unscrupulous profiteers! Arming the world to the teeth is not a path toward peace. Please take a moment to join the movement to reverse this disastrous trend! Please forward this email widely to like-minded friends. SIGN HERE: ROOTSACTION