October 23, 2013


David Ilku´╗┐ is a hero of mine for decades. Whether he's dementedly impersonating Carol Channing, Tallulah Bankhead (in the Dueling Bankheads) or his thigh-slappingly funny male characters, he's always a riot. And while his new character Tina Turnstile may not be the best impersonation of La Turner, it's meant to be gritty and off-kilter. But what it does do is hit the nail on the head with what's wrong with NYC, which is sadly becoming a global problem in every city. Corporations dominateus, can donate to campaigns as people after the Citizens United ruling, own our government, we start wars for their profit and we give them tax breaks so they can edge out the mom & pop stores which every politician in both party blabs about while campaigning as they wink at their large corporate donors who'll put small businesses out of business. All we have to do is stop patronizing them and they'll vanish. (This is advice I also need to follow since I haven't yet switched over from the diabolical Chase Bank yet.) For David to be this idiotic and simultaneously contain a powerful message is sheer brilliance in my book. We don't see much drag with brains or social commentary nowadays. Not to mention that the video was directed by Parker Posey!