September 09, 2013


I agree with this article that Obama is not stupid, but this attempt to spin Syria as his cunning foreign policy victory lap is insane. It hurts to realize that this nice guy with his beautiful family represents what every US president represents: perpetual war. And to realize that neither party represents us and that no one is taking care of us and we must always question the government. Or never get what we want. Plenty of lying, plenty of spying. No peace, no decent jobs. Record CEO profits. And defense stocks soaring in anticipation of more war. In related news, the tooth fairy's your mom. OBAMA ADMINISTRATION POSITIONS ON SYRIA SO FAR: We're attacking Syria. Wait! I'm going to Congress for approval first. The US's red line has been crossed. Well, actually it's the world's red line even though hardly anyone else in the world seems to know that their red line has been crossed or feel the need to act. We're striking Syria regardless of how Congress votes. We now admit to not even have the concrete proof we claimed was building. THIS MAN IS DESPERATE FOR WAR. And he'll risk his entire reputation gunning for it and use up his political capital that might have been used to achieve the reasons you voted him in and then back in to do. "Against the advice of all his advisors, he put any US participation in the hands of our do-nothing Congress with no chance they would give him the approval he needed. Not because it isn’t the right thing to do but because Obama was asking for it. The outcome is a given if you just take a step back and look at the situation rationally. And there is no way Obama is going to launch this attack once Congress says no. It would be political suicide. Bush may have gotten away with it but America is not going to let it happen again. The fallout would signal the end of any and all effectiveness the Obama administration for the remaining years of his presidency. And history would place him with the likes of war criminals like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Let me repeat this. Obama is not that stupid! So why then does our president appear to be beating the drums of war? The simple answer is he is now regarded as a hawkish leader before the US and the world. And he does so without having to fire a shot." MORE: FREAKOUTNATION