September 09, 2013


I campaigned for this man and donated money to him during his first election. I even wore a Martin Luther King/Obama t-shirt and cried with joy while glued to the TV watching his inauguration in Atlanta, a civil rights capital. I'd thought that his Senate NO vote for war in Iraq meant that he'd make a much-needed change from George W. Bush's disastrous foreign policy errors. We were going to trade the ignorant, poorly spoken Texas cowboy for this handsome, eloquent, mixed race winner who saw through the lies presented to Congress about Iraq having WMD. And who valued peace. Never did I dream that Obama would turn around and do almost the exact same thing, proving that he serves the same dark forces which yanked George W. Bush's puppet strings. And proving that corrupt, soulless good ol' boys come in all colors.
While I'm happy that his proposed attacks on Syria seem as if they're being thwarted by people's common sense and that we're finally finding our voices to successfully speak up against government charades, I get no joy from this victory. Because you don't win when winning is realizing that your president will try to willfully mislead you just as George W. Bush did. And to see Democrats I once respected like Nancy Pelosi tow the party line and uncharacteristically bang the drums of war like Republicans makes me realize that I can no longer support such a morally bankrupt party. Are the Dems still better than the GOP? Of course! But when "better" is still this bad, who f#ckin' cares? I never knew this man, I never knew this party. The lesser of two evils is still evil. And he may still attack Syria with or without congressional approval. That he said he kinda needed but didn't actually need. It's a dark day for the USA.