September 05, 2013


Because of his muslim-sounding name (Hussein) and the fact that he's a person of color, Obama has been slammed by small-minded Republicans since he first ran for president as a candidate with terrorist sympathies. Some right-wingers like Donald Trump still can't admit that the president was born in this country. It's so absurd--how little faith do they have to have in this country to think that a terrorist is going to get elected president? It's right up there with the nuts who believe that there is a war on Christmas and the more than one state which has passed legislation to prevent their area from falling under the rule of sharia law, as if ANYONE has ever even suggested that we adopt sharia law. Their paranoia is unwarranted and like many, I dismissed these right-wing fears as prejudice. Not only is Obama not in any way a muslim terrorist due to his name or background or the madrassa he attended, he's is currently proving that he has no affinity whatsoever with muslim people when the US is in the mood to bully a country like Syria. It's drastically different from what right-wingers feared him to be. He's actually a lot more right-wing than they gave him credit to be, especially after he got into office. In a bizarre twist, Obama's eagerness to attack Syria have united both the far left and the the far right against military action. Never in my life did I imagine that I'd be agreeing with tea party Senator Rand Paul on anything. But this president has turned the traditionally peace-loving Democratic party into hawks with Republicans leaving their traditional role as warmongers to advocate peace! As a life-long democrat from a long line of democrats, his stance is forcing me to leave my party since that party now represents war without UN approval based on trumped up charges against a country which never attacked us. Third party candidates, step right up because the only presidential leadership democrats have to look forward to is Hillary, who lost to Obama precisely because she was more hawkish and voted for the Iraq war. Voting against that war was how Senator Obama distinguished himself and got my vote. Now he's reversed who he his and what his party stands for. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now tasked with getting House Democrats to fall behind the party line and support Obama's attack on Syria, even though she herself is a liberal democrat from San Francisco who will take immense heat from her constituents for supporting any war. How soul-destroying for her! Lawrence O'Donnell notes that Nancy's staff must be "pulling their hair out." She must be pulling out her own hair, too, since the normally well-put together politician appeared to publicly support war with her hair parted exactly where she seems to be balding. Struggling to lie, the normally forceful Pelosi rambles and quotes a conversation with her 5 year old grandson. NANCY: “My five-year-old grandson, as I was leaving San Francisco yesterday, he said to me, ‘Mimi (that’s my name) Mimi–war with Syria. Are you yes war with Syria, no war with Syria?’ I said, ‘Well what do you think?’ He said, ‘I think no war!’ I said, ‘Well, I generally agree with that but you know they’ve killed hundreds of children there, they’ve killed hundreds of children.’ And he said (five years old), ‘Were these children in the United States? And I said, ‘Well, no–but they’re children wherever they are. So I don’t know what news he’s listening to, but…’” The kid seems to be listening to the right news and asks a very pertinent question: "Were these children in the United States?" Exactly! The wisdom of a child leads to the emancipation of Mimi.

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