September 02, 2013


Guess who Obama taps to support his military strikes in Syria? Anyone from his own party? Of course not! He goes to John McCain, the Republican hawk best known for being a completely crazy hothead who is wrong on almost everything. McCain was so pitiful that after his election lost steam because he claimed he knew nothing about the economy, his desperate @ss had to enlist the help of the completely cuckoo Sarah Palin to make him seem more palatable. What a great ideafor Obama to look to McCain to join you to really make aggression in Syria look insane. And McCain's butt boy Lindsay Graham came along for the ride. According to USA Today, the idiots came away from the meeting with this: "McCain and Graham have jointly expressed concerns that a military strike should be part of a broader strategy in Syria, not simply a random attack to punish the regime." So Oabma seeks advice and support who want more involvement than merely surgical strikes. You know the world is upside down when a democratic president enlists the help of GOP hawks. And Wolf Blitzer's insightful take on it on CNN? They looked at the picture of the three in the Oval Office while Wolf commented that that president wore no tie, but McCain and Graham did. Thanks for that brilliant analysis which really gets to the heart of...nothing at all.