September 26, 2013


THEY JUST GAVE ME THE DIRTIEST LOOK IN STARBUCKS. ALL I DID WAS ORDER A DOUBLE SHOT OF KENYAN. Foiled on Syria, US war-mongers see a new chance for military intervention Kenya. The military-industrial complex has gotta get paid somehow, right? So it's time to start ramping up the threat to a war-weary people to sell us on it. Here's the supposedly liberal and intelligent NY Times claiming that a shooting in Kenya is "a direct threat" to the US. LOL! Are you ready to get acquainted with internal Kenyan politics faster than you can say Bashir-Al-Assad? Oh, and like Assad and Saddam Hussein, the unnamed Kenyan leader is a bad man. Here's proof: "relations between the United States and Kenya had grown frosty before the attack because Kenya’s president has been indicted on charges of crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court. American officials here were trying to keep their distance from him, but now the two sides must work closely together." Oooh! SNAP! "Frosty" relations is a battle cry if I ever heard one! We might as well go ahead an take him out before he uses sarin. You know, one of our famous pre-emptive strikes where we kill and ask questions later. See: Iraq. Here's more "damning evidence from the Times: “You never know when a terrorist attack in a faraway place could be a harbinger of something that could strike at the United States,” said Daniel Benjamin, a former Obama administration counterterrorism official. On Kenya, he said, “It’s a country that has a long history of being attacked by terrorists that are of real concern to the United States.” HOGWASH! "You never know", "faraway place" and "could strike" are really a stretch. And Kenya's got a history of being attacked by terrorists? Awful! But let's focus on the terrorists attacking the US, which Americans just overwhelming said they prefer to focus on. And we'd better get to the bottom of this Kenyan situation quick or we may jeopardize this crucial international priortiy: "Tens of thousands of other Americans visit the nation’s game parks, beaches and other tourist attractions every year, according to the Kenyan government." REALLY REACHING ON THIS ONE. If a country is and has been imploding for years with treacherous terrorist factions, the Americans should avoid go to their f#cking amusement parks! Duh! And no one, including the NY Times, should be listing theme parks in Africa as an excuse for US involvement! The Times concludes with this weak call for concern: “One of the misconceptions is that we can let Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups stay abroad and not fight them there, and that we would be safe at home,” said Katherine Zimmerman, senior analyst at the Critical Threats Project of the American Enterprise Institute. “That’s really proven not to be the case.” EXCEPT THAT WE JUST PROVED THAT DIPLOMACY CAN WORK AS IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING WITH SYRIA. Whether the president is a democrat or republican, we'v always got money to address non-existent threats from people in faraway places who NEVER attacked the US. They say it's our national interests, which often means Israel. How about concentrating on the nation itself and not so much on the imagined national interests. We've always got money for war, but never enough for job creation, schools, or our crumbling infrastructure. Or even for the deteriorating health care for the soldiers we'd have sent into Syria, Kenya or anywhere else. THE US IS WAR AND MURDER. IT'S OUR PRIMARY EXPORT. CONCERNED ABOUT GUN DEATHS IN THE US? THEN MAYBE WE SHOULD STOP ACTING LIKE WRECKLESS COWBOYS OVERSEAS. The FBI agents we sent to investigate the tragedy in Kenya are "hoping to glean every piece of information possible to help prevent such a devastating attack from happening again, possibly even on American soil." POSSIBLY ON AMERICAN SOIL? HOW WOULD THAT WORK, EXACTLY? DOES ANYONE ELSE FEEL THAT THE US MEDIA, EVEN THE "GOLD STANDARD" OF "LIBERAL" NEWS LIKE THE NY TIMES WANTS TO HELP THE GOVERNMENT FIND EXCUSES FOR MORE WARS THAT AMERICANS DO NOT WANT?