September 25, 2013


As you may know by now, Princess Janae Banks recently lost her battle with cancer and is with us no more. Her wish was to be cremated, but unless you get the express permission of a family member, your remains must be buried regardless of your wishes. Janae's family is no longer with us or even reachable, leaving the entire burial cost of around $7,000 to her friends. That's why we are having a benefit for her at XL this Sunday at 6PM. Many of you have offered testimonials of how she touched your lives and that's wonderful. But she needs your help now if she is to have a decent burial. So whether you had a chance to know this unique individual personally or were just a fan of her amazing, heart-felt performances, this is your chance to show how much she meant to you. That concludes the sad financial details of the evening. While raising money, we will also celebrate the life and talents of a shining star among us with a rousing tribute by a star-studded cast. HARMONICA SUNBEAM, Sugga Pie Koko, Dwayne Milan, Bianca Del Rio, Jessica Foxx, Karen Covergirl and Daesha Richards will be there to wow you in this diva's honor. I hope all Janae friends and fans can be there--I don't know all of Janae's friends so if you would be kind enough to forward this to help get the word out. All proceeds from the door go to Janae's burial costs. There's a tiny $5 suggested donation but hopefully you can give more because you know that gurl is not going to fit into any small casket! Doors open at 6PM and showtime is 7PM-9PM. Bring a handkerchief!