September 20, 2013


So I was watching Lawrence O'Donnell's attempt to link the Pope's new softer stance on gays, abortion and contraception to his own catholic teacher in Boston. I hate it when newscasters get all local on ya, like Chris Matthews' constant harping on Philadelphia. But I did like hearing the Pope speak for the church which he feels should relax several unpopular positions. It's so refreshing for out of touch catholics to even think about actually updating anything. But when you think about what he said, it's still infuriating because it refutes nothing. Francis merely suggests not to focus on homosexuality, abortion, contraception and other things that people in this day and age are softening their attitudes to. If they haven't already softened them long ago. He's really just putting a friendly face on a church that has disgusted many of it's own vanishing and therefore no longer paying followers and bankrupted itself with rampant, institutionalized child abuse. Not that the church's position has changed in any way--homos, abortions and contraception are still considered sinful--just don't focus on it right now. It's kind of like being ok with your gay kid as long as you don't have to talk about it or Don't Ask, Don't Tell for abortion/contraception." But putting a friendly face on antiquated hogwash doesn't change the fact that it's still hogwash.