August 27, 2013


New video in support of NYC Mayoral candidate Bill Deblasio featuring a bunch of New Yorkers (including little ol' me) curated by Cynthia Nixon. I had no idea that the divine Harry Belafonte would be featured and this video isn't the smash hit movie in which we co-star as lovers that I've envisioned my whole life, but it's a step in the right direction. Yes, that handsome devil still inspires THAT kind of wonderment in some of us girls! But enough about my imaginary vagina. Please check this video out and please vote for somebody. I think only around 1/6th of New Yorkers even vote. Of course, when Christine Quinn permits Bloomberg to have a 3rd term as mayor against the wishes of many, our vote doesn't seem to count much. But let's speak out and change that, people!