August 26, 2013


I didn't see much of the VMAs but here's my two cents. I'm not concerned that Miley seems to want to be a slut. I'm a slut and proud of it. What offends me is that she isn't even a real slut and that stupid act is an insult to true whores everywhere. If you want to act sexual and sing about drugs to prove how wild you are, then why bother with the sappy, crappy music? If you're truly wild, record something wild. Otherwise, you're a fake whore or a wannabe whore who doesn't even know how to be a whore. Wanton women everywhere are getting a bad rep from these sluts who use "leaked" sex tapes to get noticed and then revert to their same vanilla act. Boring! The only other song I saw was Gaga's. I'm not her biggest fan, but she started off singing with minimal music. Twice during the intro, the crowd cheered at the power of her singing voice. Britney, Madonna, J-Lo, Janet, Rihanna, Ke$ha, etc--none of them can create that kind of vocal magic even in the studio, much less live. Gaga is a singer and you can't take that away from her. There's power and expression in her voice and there at least one soulful ad lib. The bitch also made me watch the video on my cellphone--which I never do--but I had limited email access in Provincetown. I was curious to see how it went. She does have the talent for getting us talking, doesn't she? To be honest, I don't understand the importance of all the theatrics. If you can sing like Gaga, f#cking sing and slay them! I saw her in concert and when she sat down at the piano and played and sang I thought "There is a rock star worthy of all this hype." Save the dancers for a disco dolly like Britney and who needs them. While I like an onstage costume change as much as anyone, it was almost as if she couldn't stay focused on the song with so much business. She was changing her wigs, make-up, costumes, throwing a ball, grabbing her crotch. Girl, it isn't necessary. I know that big events need splashy shows, but when Miley Cyrus grabs her crotch more than you do, you look desperate, not edgy. Just sing, honey. You're one of the few who can. Despite my praise for her pipes, Applause the song still seems lame to me. Am I the only one who winces when she references artist Jeff Koons in the lyrics? If you pronounce c#nt with an accent from the north of England, it can sound like Koons. So at first I though it was a play on c#nt, which I liked more. But saying that she is Koons or art or artpop or shartpop is all so heavy-handed to me. If she is art, we'll be the judge of that. Maybe the rest of the album is amazing and experimental and artistic, but smearing some clown make-up on your face and calling your album artpop doesn't make it so. Especially since she smeared it on her face just like Bowie did decades before. Just realized that Gaga is collaborating with Jeff Koons on this new album. I'm not knowledgable about art, but isn't he considered a successful sell-out with zero edge? Gee, that would certainly add credibility to someone whose clothes are more outrageous than their music and who is known for plagiarizing other artists to create bubblegum.