August 27, 2013


Our lawmakers in Congress in both parties and the president finally agreed on something: STOPPING OUR RIGHT TO PROTEST. If you ever thought that anyone in this Congress or White House represented the people and their rights, you know now that this isn't true except for the handful who voted against it. A special place in hell goes for Obama, the constitutional lawyer who enjoys shredding the Constitution. I would like to hear from why any of them thought this was necessary. And please check your news to see if the government stripping away your basic rights (freedom of speech, freedom of assembly) is getting any significant coverage. I'll bet it isn't. Did Obama at least apologize after signing this--the way he did after signing the bill inot law which enables the government to kill Americans without a trial? I don't want to spread conspiracy theories, but the government must really be preparing to start some crazy crap if ALL of them want to keep us from even speaking out. MORE: HUFFPO