July 22, 2013


I've never created a petition before. But I just saw my friend Ashton Cruz´╗┐ say that he had to turn off his TV for a week until the reportage of Kate Middleton's baby was born. I couldn't agree more. Here's my petition. Who knows? If enough people sign it, maybe they'll get the message. I've just seen Chris Matthews devote a ridiculous, special segment which concluded with "we have a new baby." No, someone in another country does so let their news handle it. Here's what the petition says: We are so sick of our news giving a ridiculous amount of coverage to the royal birth. In no way does it affect the average US citizen and this "news" event belongs on Entertainment Tonight, TMZ and other tabloids. US news is treating this as if it's some kind of major headline, though the person sitting on the UK throne isn't even ruling that country, much less ours. Focus on hard hitting journalists asking questions about things which matter to the average US citizen--like why neither major political party is able to create the jobs that we have desperately needed for more than a decade now. Showing glitzy footage of royals and a baby born into a life or wealth and palaces is a slap in the face to a country hard pressed to make ends meet, with our dreams of home ownership, affordable education and good-paying jobs in the dust. Whole cities are going bankrupt! America is supposed to cherish equality, which is the opposite of the notion of monarchy. Is this nationwide baby shower a shell game to prevent the news from focusing on issues which matter to us? Well, we're sick of it. Stick to the news, please. We can catch up with the royal family, the Kardashians and Jennifer Anniston's latest hairstyle in Star magazine. You guys need to start doing your job properly or we'll be forced to stop watching. SIGN: CHANGE.ORG