July 01, 2013


(photo by Billy Erb) FRONTIERS Stephan Horbelt: "If you thought you had Lady Bunny pegged as a rude, crude, bawdy performer whose humor combines the scatalogical with the downright vulgar—well, you’d only be half-right. This staple of the Big Apple’s drag culture—a crux of New York City’s nightlife identity—is about to branch out from the smutty humor you’ve long known her for and embark on a serious path of music for the club-loving masses. Brushed aside are the pop-song parodies with indecent lyrics and profane subject matter she does so well. You’ll now find the spotlight shining directly on Bunny’s turn as a writer and performer of vocal house music, which has long been the legendary performer’s true passion. July 1 sees the release of “Take Me Up High,” Bunny’s first solo release in nearly a decade, a euphoric vocal house track that beckons you to the dance floor just in time for this heat of Pride season. Plan to hear the stellar track on dance floors far and wide this summer, and hopefully much more output from Lady Bunny in the near future. Frontiers was stoked to chat up the drag superstar regarding the upcoming single, her decision to stray from song parodies, an upcoming appearance on the show of a certain power-gay and her August birthday plans here in Los Angeles! I've listened to your new track, the upcoming “Take Me Up High,” and I have to say that it's absolutely amazing. I love it. I understand it's your first solo release in nearly a decade. If this is the type of stuff you have up in your head, what took so long?" READ THE ANSWER AND MORE HERE: MORE: FRONTIERSLA.COM