June 30, 2013


As you march, cheer, dance and party today, please don't forget the tremendous historical significance of this day. Gone With The Wind was published on June 30th 1936. I'M KIDDING! But on this day in 1964, President Johnson signed the Civil Rights act which outlawed racial segregation. And while the Supreme Court handed down a ruling on marriage this week that gays love, that same Supreme Court ruled against minority voter rights just a day or two before. So don't think that our government isn't badly broken because they managed to get one thing right. If we truly cherish equality, then people of every race, gender and sexual persuasion deserve it and we need to fight for it. Equality for all is worth fighting for and we're still a long way off. Too far off to be in 2013. I think we need to pinpoint which forces DO NOT want equality for all and denounce them! You can't fight an enemy that you can't even recognize... As always, Bill Maher has a fascinating take on it which includes Trayvon Martin and Paula Deen in the mix.