May 10, 2013


WHICH EARTH ARE YOU PLANNING TO MOVE TO NOW THAT WE'VE F#CKED THIS ONE UP SO MUCH? HUFFPO: Scientists argue we've loaded the "climate dice" in favor of more weather anomalies and extreme heat waves. Research also shows that continued emissions of long-lived greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide will mean "largely irreversible" climate change for 1,000 years even after we curtail emissions. founder Bill McKibben said in a statement emailed to HuffPost, "The only question now is whether the relentless rise in carbon can be matched by a relentless rise in the activism necessary to stop it." You know what really bugs me about this? I agree with Bill. It IS up to us to create a relentless rise of activism. This is going to include making some tough sacrifices--but the alternative is destruction of the planet. Why don't we have leaders who are speaking out louder against global climate change? We have Bush admitting that we're addicted to oil and Obama paying lip service to addressing climate change. But would it be great if we had leaders who actually led us down this difficult and necessary road? Who broke down tragic news like this for us? Who bit the bullet and made unpopular decision because they are for the good of the planet and not, for once, based on shortsightedness and greed? If everyone including the moron Bush admits that we rely too heavily on oil, if we need jobs and they could easily be created with green/clean energy jobs that are switching countries as diverse as Brazil and Germany over to more sustainable fuels, then where is the leadership on this? It would kill two crucial birds--jobs and climate change--with one stone. Isn't this easy to see and unavoidable? Where's the leadership in the church that is outraged by God's earth being spoiled by man's greed? Oh that's right--many are denying that climate change exists. I don't see how anyone who fancies themselves a christian could not view the earth as god's creation that man is destroying. I guess like so many lazy christians, they take comfort in nonsense like "It's in god's hands." Right. So he gave us the earth so that we could destroy it? Maybe christians think that if the earth becomes uninhabitable, the Rapture will whisk us away to another planet which we can then start to destroy. MORE: HUFFPO